MacVide Glossary

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• Capture

Capture– keeping something’s happening on the computer and recording it.

• Codec

Codec – is a device or program for encoding and decoding data stream or signal. Codecs are usually used for digital video editing. This parameter is responsible for quality and size of file. MacVide Converters gives to users an opportunity to change codec to get video file with required characteristics.

• Computer

Computer– a machine that sends, receives, calculates, and stores information.

• Conversion

Conversion is a process where one video or audio format changed to another. for Example FlashVideo Converter convert Flash SWF or FLV files to video files such as MOV or AVI

• Convert

Convert – to convert means to transform one format of video or audio into another. Conversion may cause change of some characteristics of the file.

• Crop Video

Crop Video – to crop video means to cut some parts of displayoff to leave only what will be shown in result file. MacVide FlashVideo Converter has crop option that enables regulating the size of displayed area.